So, maybe you’re feeling anxious…….

or perhaps depressed……..?

You may be struggling with an addiction?

You might feel overwhelmed and confused?

Maybe you need more information......

or perhaps help for you individually.....

or could a support group

or workshop help?

But maybe you just don’t know.…….

you only know what you don’t want ……..

and you don’t want to be like this forever.

But can anyone understand what it’s like for you?

We can!

Everyone here has their own struggle these same things……

and it's our great strength!

Last year we helped over 1500 people......

maybe we can help you too?

You only have to ask

Mental Health Advocacy and Peer Support (MHAPS)

We assist people who experience mental distress, mental illness and / or substance addiction through their choice of services towards recovery.

We offer a warm welcome and comfortable place where people are accepted and listened to.

“Together on the road to wellbeing”

It’s back to business as usual at MHAPS.

If you’re considering our services please just come into our office for a First Step meeting. No referral or appointment needed and the most ideal time is between 10:00am and 1:30pm, when we always have a duty person available to talk with you. The person you meet with has their own lived experience of mental distress.

Allow about 20 -30 minutes.


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