Mental health and addictions services are many faceted and we are all professional in what we do.

Our part of the equation is non-government services based in Christchurch, Canterbury, NZ and that are provided within the frameworks of lived experience, values and adherence to recovery principles.

What we do is complementary, but not the same as, primary health or secondary health services -yet we are all working towards similar goals to do with recovery and wellbeing of people. We are part of a wider and very diverse group of NGO’s working with people to bring about positive change and growth.

Many primary health providers in Canterbury are linked to the Health Pathways database that provides excellent access to information about a wide range of providers working in the mental health, alcohol and substance addiction sectors.

If you are a GP, primary health organisation (PHO) or a mental health or substance abuse specialist and you want to explore forms of help for your clients that are wider than treatments or medications, we are keen to help you understand what is on offer.

You may have an idea about how we can work together more closely or you may want us to talk with a group of your peers or your patients.

MHAPS can offer your clients information plus access to individual peer support and advocacy, group programmes, support groups, Awareness.

Just contact us.