Mental health may be a less threatening way of saying mental illness, or maybe it’s that by describing it in more positive health terms you get to focus on what you want – health, rather than what you probably don’t want – illness.

For some people their mental health is about a cluster of feelings and symptoms that become intolerable and so this leads them to seek help. Other people have been given, or have identified for themselves a diagnosis that describes what they’re experiencing. The most common diagnoses are anxiety, depression or bipolar disorder and sometimes more than just any one of these. This is not an exhaustive list of mental health issues.  There are many more not so common but nonetheless troubling conditions. Some people find a diagnosis a useful tool, somewhere to begin their recovery journey from. Others resent the ‘labelling’ that a diagnosis represents to them.

Understanding how your mental health has become compromised may help you to make a start on making changes. For example do you have a pre-disposition towards anxiety or depression through your family or did it just arise from the wear and tear of your life or through a traumatic event?

However you feel about it we can work with you to help bring about the change you want to achieve.

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