Recovery is being able to live well in the presence or absence of a mental health or addictions issue..  Essentially it is about being able to resume your life without the overwhelming burden of a mental health issue such as anxiety, depression or bipolar disorder.

Empowerment and hope are two of the strongest elements of recovery.  As people with our own experiences of recovery from mental illness and/or substance addiction, we will work alongside you with these two values in mind.

The recovery journey is however very individual to each person. For some people recovery may only feel as if it has occurred if the mental health issue has entirely gone away. Others will be able to move on with some certainly even though some symptoms of their mental illness remain.

Wellbeing is that place, whether you see it as a journey or a destination, where life again feels good and meaningful and you want to engage with your own potential. Or maybe it’s not ‘again’ maybe it’s for the first time.

Here at MHAPS we work with what you bring to us with a focus on your own strengths, whether these are your family and community supports or your own individual attributes and skills. We believe that by helping you to identify and strengthen what you already have we can better help you to deal with what’s troubling you.